Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa – Soak in the sun!

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Mirissa, once an idyllic coastal town on Sri Lanka’s southern coast is no longer so as it’s one of the most happening spots on the entire island! However, if you’re looking to bask in some beautiful sunrise or sunset views, we know just where to take you. Are you keen on learning about the Coconut Tree Hill in Mirissa?

Coconut Tree Hill
Coconut Tree Hill | Image Credit : Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels

What is the Coconut Tree Hill?

A stunning hill, shaped like a dome and one that has plenty of coconut trees which cast beautiful shadows in the sun. If you’re looking for Boutique Hotels Sri Lanka while you explore, there are a plethora of options including places like Lantern Boutique Hotel for example.

Best Time To Visit

There are equally gorgeous views at sunrise and sunset but if you want to beat the crowd we suggest going for the former. Get to the hill at 5.30am and you’ll be able to bask in fresh rays of sunlight!

Fun Facts

There are plenty of stray dogs found on the hill for your companionship if you happen to be looking for some furry friends! Pet some dogs, bask in the sunrise and watch the surfers as they tackle the waves.

How To Visit

If you’re travelling from Colombo, head down the Southern highway to Galle of which Mirissa is a neighbour. And then make your way there with a picnic at sunrise!

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