Commonwealth War Cemetery at Kandy- Where the heroes rest.

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This is one of the six commonwealth war cemeteries in Sri Lanka. There are four cemeteries in Colombo, one in Kandy and one in Trincomalee. This is considered to be one of the most beautifully landscaped cemeteries in the country due to the scenery and weather in Kandy.


The cemetery is located in Deveni Rajasinghe Mawatha, Kandy. Located only a 15-minute drive away, from Kandy town, the commonwealth cemetery is within the easy reach of Cinnamon Citadel Kandy, one of the many hotels in Kandy, Sri Lanka.


The premise was known as Pitakanda Military cemetery before it was acquired by military authorities. It was subsequently taken over by the common wealth war graves commission as a permanent war cemetery.


It is recorded that there are about 203 burials in the site including veterans from the army, navy, air force and the national fire service belonging to the British, Canadian, Indian and Sri Lankan nationalities among many others.

Other attractions

The cemetery is within the close proximity of other major attractions in Kandy such as the Temple of Tooth Relic and the Kandy River. Thus guests visiting the cemetery can catch all the key landmarks in Kandy.

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