Construction of the Palm Jumeirah Island – A Modern Day Architectural Marvel!

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Located in the rugged coastline in the emirate of Dubai, the man-made archipelago of Palm Jumeirah is hailed as a modern-day architectural marvel! Read on to find out more!

Commander Leroy Chiao, Palm Island Resort, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons


The construction process of Palm Jumeirah commenced in June 2001 and was nearing completion by October 2007. It was also well on its way to garnering fame for being the largest man-made island in the world!


The first ever monorail in the Middle East was the Pam Jumeriah Mono-Rail which connects the island to the mainland with a 5.4-kilometre-long stretch which began operations in April 2009.

BjoertvedtDubai Monorail 01CC BY-SA 3.0


By 2006 many of the residential units were nearing completion and by 2007, around 75% of the properties were ready to be moved into. By the end of the year, more than 500 families were already residing on the island!

Hotels and Resorts

Apart from residential areas for the privileged, the island is also home to many premier 5-star resorts in Dubai including the likes of Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. Popular dining and recreational areas on Palm Jumeirah include Nakheel Mall, The Pointe, Club Vista Mare and the Al Ittihad Park among a whole host of others!

Image result for Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort
Image Credit: Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

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