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Dhow Harbour in Abu Dhabi – Watch some unique ships come in

An emirate saturated with history and culture, Abu Dhabi opens its doors for an intriguing glimpse into the Arabian world of magic and myth. To fully soak in these elements, consider a hotel in Abu Dhabi that incorporates the sumptuous grandeur straight out of the iconic Arabian Nights, which can be found at the Eastern Mangroves, Abu Dhabi. Featuring stunning interiors warmed by true Arabian hospitality, it is an ideal option for accommodation Abu Dhabi has to offer both business and leisure visitors. Catch a glimpse of some spectacular Arabian dhows when you visit the Dhow Harbour in the city. The traditional vessels are an iconic part of the desert nations, as it was their main mode of transport prior to the advent of machinery, and used to be the calling card of Arabian merchants who sailed the Arabian seas and beyond. Now used as a Free Port for vessels of all sorts including oil rigs and container ships, the Dhow Harbour features an elegant array of Dhows on display, as well as sailing boat races held annually. A unique excursion comes in the form of the Dhow dinner cruise, where guests can enjoy a sumptuous six-course meal onboard a beautifully out-fitted traditional Arabian Dhow, whilst it sails along the bay with the twinkling lights of the city as a gorgeous backdrop to an intimate evening. The dhow is a signature part of the Arabian world, and the Dhow Harbour offers a fascinating insight into this unique mode of transportation that shaped Arabian culture in its heyday.

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