Did you know the turbulent history of Glenelg Jetty? – Dive into a chaotic past!

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Beaches down under in the land of Australia are renowned for having beautifully vintage looking jetties. However, the Glenelg Jetty of Adelaide is probably the most famous of these all, because it has an interesting backstory to it and how it all came about! Interested to learn more about the turbulent past of Glenelg Jetty?

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1). History of The Jetty

The Glenelg Jetty originally began construction in the year of 1857 but was completed in 1859. The reason this construction process took this long was because it initially was not used as only a pier but also as a port!

2). Some Facts About the Jetty

The originally jetty was a mind-boggling 380 metres long! This was to ensure that any ships docking at the end would have ample depth for easy manoeuvrability. A beautiful lighthouse stood at the end of the jetty. If you’re keen on staying in a Glenelg holiday accommodation there are several to pick from like Oaks Liberty Towers for instance.

3). The Disastrous Past

The lighthouse caught on fire a few years after 1872. The jetty was then shortened and remade with an aquarium, a kiosk and public baths. A freak cyclone hit the kiosk and the jetty was in ruins once more.

4). The Jetty Today

Today, the jetty is mostly a location that attracts tourists. It’s a lovely place to Instagram after all!

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