Discovering the Best Street Food in Bangkok – Exotic Foodie Adventures

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Spicy or sweet, sautéed or skewered, savoury or sour, Bangkok street food offers an unforgettable flavour trip for your taste buds! Here are some of the best areas for street food and popular dishes worth trying.


Home to a large expat community, Sukhumvit is a great place to sample everything from chicken noodles to Hainanese-style chicken rice. Those planning a foodie tour to the area from their Bangkok resorts or hotels, should also look to sample pad krapao moo, a rice dish with stir-fried minced pork as well as grilled chicken or gai yang.

Basil fried crispy pork with rice - Chiang Mai - 2017-07-11 (002).jpg
IudexvivorumBasil fried crispy pork with rice – Chiang Mai – 2017-07-11 (002)CC0 1.0


Sathorn and Silom Areas

The city’s CBD can be found here along with stalls selling some exotic and enticing street food. Easy to access from Riverside properties the likes of Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, Sathorn and Silom are where one can look to sample braised duck (ped thun) and curried egg noodles (khao soy). Grilled pork (moo ping) is also popular and worth trying too.

Khao Soi 01.jpg
Douglas PerkinsKhao Soi 01CC BY 4.0



This area is known as Bangkok’s Chinatown and is a favourite destination for local and international foodies. On your culinary adventures look to try local sukiyaki that has a distinct Thai influence, all kinds of yummy satay and Lod Chong Singapore which is great as a sweet snack.

Lot chong - Bangkok - 2017-07-11 (003).jpg
IudexvivorumLot chong – Bangkok – 2017-07-11 (003)CC0 1.0


Old Town

For a taste of traditional street food from Thailand, head to the Old Town area; green chicken curry (gang kiew wan gai), curry rice (khao gang) and spicy drunken noodles (guay tiew pad kee mow) are amongst the culinary discoveries that await.

Thai green chicken curry and roti.jpg
TakeawayThai green chicken curry and rotiCC BY-SA 3.0

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