Diving with Manta rays and Whale Sharks at Hanifaru Bay – Hanifaru Bay moments

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The world has only a few places where whale sharks together with thousands of other large, graceful fish congregate to mate and Hanifaru Bay in the Maldives is one of the most famous amongst them all! If you plan your next tour to this place, here are some useful tips for you!

Image credit- Pixabay,marygasaway ,CC0

What’s so special about it?

Hanifaru is an uninhabited island in the Maldives with a not too large, enclosed, underwater bay popular to the world as the ideal spot to observe the spectacular view of manta feeding. This is also a favourite place for underwater photographers from all around the world where they dive and capture the best moments!

When to visit the bay?

The best time to visit the Hanifaru bay is between May and December where it’s the southwest monsoon to the Maldives. Getting to see more than 200 manta rays together with whale sharks will be possible if you plan your Hanifaru visit during this best time.

Where to stay during your visit?

As mentioned Hanifaru bay is uninhabited. But a luxury resort in Maldives around Baa Atoll will be able to fulfil your wish for the perfect holiday to the fullest. If you select The Nautilus Maldives, it is surely one of the best resorts that can grant you an awesome vacation by the Hanifaru bay.

Restrictions you should know

You can’t expect to be allowed to scuba dive at this bay, but snorkeling is still possible. There is also a limit applicable to the number of boats and divers into the bay as a bay protection policy, and during your visit, you will have to adhere to all these as a visitor!

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