Dolphin species in Sri Lanka – Witness one of the most intelligent creatures of the ocean!

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Sri Lanka is surrounded by an ocean that is rich in Marine Life. One of the most unique and creatures that can be found surrounding the seas are the Dolphins Read on to know about the types of Dolphins that can be found around the oceans of the country.

Dolphines in Sri Lanka
Dolphines in Sri Lanka | Image Credit : Mandy, Dolphin-Musandam 2, CC BY 2.0

Bottlenose Dolphin

The Bottlenose Dolphin are the most popular and commonly found dolphin species in the world. Belonging to the genus Tursiops, they live and travel in groups of 10-30. The group size of these species can vary from two dolphins to more than a whopping 1000 dolphins. They hunt their pray as teams on rare occasions individually. They use ultra sound for navigation and finding food.

Spotted Dolphins

These dolphins are commonly found in almost all the tropical and temperate oceans across the Globe. Though these dolphins’ lifestyle is very much similar to that of the bottlenose Dolphins, Spotted dolphins due to killing of the creatures in tuna seine. By which these dolphins are caught by mistake and are killed.

Striped Dolphins

These dolphins too prefer to live in the warm and temperate waters near the equator. These species of dolphins are smaller in size and their body is coloured differently/ when compared to others. Small pelagic fish and squid are the main food items that on the menu of these dolphins.

Risso’s Dolphin

Known for its distinctive size and looks this is one of the larger varieties of the dolphins and the only dolphin species which belongs to genus grampus. One of the closest species of these dolphins include killer whales and pilot whales.

Where can you spot them?

These creatures can be mostly spotted in the southern and eastern regions of Sri Lanka which lead to more open spaces of the. If you are on a tour in the down south regions of the country and are stationed at one of the hotels in Mirissa the likes of Shri Sharavi Beach Villas & Spa, you witness these creatures up-close and personal by climbing aboard on to a whale and dolphin watching charter.

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