Dubai Marina – A City of Manmade Wonders!

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The Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city that is home to a number of villas, residential towers and many other attractions. The project commenced as a part of increasing the landmass of Dubai and as a part of beautifying the modern metropolis of Dubai. Read on to know more about this manmade wonder.


The artificial landmass was constructed by filling in the Sea that stretched for 3 kilometres along the shoreline of Persian Gulf. The Dubai Marina was mainly constructed to serve as a residential area that could accommodate over 120,000 people in residential towers and villas.


Being established in 2003 the construction of the Dubai Marina is one of the most difficult development projects that Dubai underwent. The construction of this mega structure took place is divided into two phases. Phase 1 included the completion of small apartment buildings with a cost of 1.2 billion AED while phase two included the completion of the major high rise buildings such as the Cayan Tower, Ocean Heights, Elite Residence, 23 Marina, Princess Tower and more.

Attractions of the Marina

Apart from the high rise residential complexes, the Dubai Marina offers its visitors a number of attractions that are worth visiting. Some of the places you can visit on the marina are Dubai Marina Mall, Marina Quays and Marina promenade. Apart from these, almost all the distinctive looking skyscrapers are open to the public and you should try getting up to Al Sahab and Park Island towers to indulge in amazing panoramic views of the skyline of Dubai Marina.

File:Marina Mall Main Entrance.jpg
2013UAEWikiUserMarina Mall Main EntranceCC BY-SA 3.0

Getting there and accommodations

You can get into the marina through the Dubai Metro which is the easiest way to get here; if not, by a taxi, if you are stationed in any of the 5 star resorts in Dubai Palm Island, the likes of the Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort.

File:5033 Dubai metro.jpg
Maurits905033 Dubai metroCC0 1.0

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