Endemic Fruits of Sri Lanka – Tease your Taste Buds with Luscious Tropical Fruit


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The tropical island of Sri Lanka is home to luscious and colourful endemic fruits which are sure to set your taste buds tingling. Read on to find out more.

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Wild Mango
Wild mangos are enjoyed by almost everyone. It’s mostly found in lowlands of the island and can be eaten in a myriad of ways. Such as by making an achcharu, a pickle prepared by mixing the diced fruit with ample amounts of chilli powder, salt, and pepper. Fresh succulent slices are also served at many resorts and hotels in Ahungalla including the likes of Heritance Ahungalla for breakfast or as a desert.

An undisputed favourite, rambutans are eaten by the bagsful with glee by both the young and the young at heart. The fruit is successfully grown in lush orchards and is available during the time period between July and August.

These delectable fruits are available from May to July. Getting your hands on a bundle wouldn’t be too hard as many roadside fruit vendors sell these in bulk. Do keep an eye out for stains as it can get quite messy when eating them.

Jack Fruit
Gleaming bright yellow and oozing gooey sweetness, jackfruit is a staple among locals. Available in abundance during the months of March, May, and November, it is mostly found in Sri Lanka’s wet zone.



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