Experience the Best of Nuwara Eliya This Season – The Enchantment of “Little England”

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Known as “Little England” due to its cool English-like weather and British countryside-style houses, Nuwara Eliya lies nestled in the mountains of Sri Lanka. April is generally the most popular time to visit and there’s a lot to experience.

Hakgala Botanical Garden| Img by: Z thomas via Wikimedia Commons,  CC BY-SA 4.0

Getting There

Driving to Nuwara Eliya from the commercial capital, Colombo, takes about five to six hours. You can also consider taking a train from Colombo to the Nanu Oya Station and proceed from there by bus or tuk-tuk. A great alternative would be to make use of an air taxi in Sri Lanka offered by the likes of Cinnamon Air; the journey takes only 25 minutes from Colombo and the views are breathtaking indeed!

Nuwara Eliya Flower Show

April is the time when flowers are in full bloom and this annual flower show gives you a chance to enjoy the most fascinating flower creations. It is generally held at Victoria Park which is full of flower-laden flora too.

Horse Racing

This season is also known for the horse races held at the Nuwara Eliya Turf Club. While the main races are quite thrilling to watch, these occasions are also popular as social events and you will get to see the latest in race-day fashion!

Other Highlights

There’s much more to do here as well when on a holiday; enjoy a picnic or a paddle boat ride at Lake Gregory, visit the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club, spend time at the picturesque Hakgala Botanical Garden and explore the bewitchingly beautiful Moon Plains.


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