Experiencing the Great Mahaveli Rivers – Enjoy mighty river thrills

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Mahaveli or Great Sand River is the longest of rivers in Sri Lanka, covering a large area of the island from central hills through low country to sea, traversing a distance of 335 Km. Experience the great Mahaveli River and enjoy its mighty river thrills by having a river expedition via canoe or boat starting from Kandy.

Mahaweli River| Img by: Hasindu2008 via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0

The River

The river starts from central hill country, through the pains of low country and reaches the Bay of Bengal at Trincomalee in the North East, forming the largest natural harbour ideal for dolphin watching. The mighty reservoirs are used for storing water for irrigation and furthermore, the downstream river is ideal for power generation, canoeing and sailing.

Accommodation in Kandy

Looking for a good accommodation in Kandy? Then consider Cinnamon Citadel Kandy, which is a four-star hotel in Kandy situated by the bend of the Mahaweli River and is a convenient location cum starting point for boating or sailing.

River expeditions

The kayaking expeditions start from Manampitiya in the lower plain. Canoes are used to navigate and rubber rafts to take provisions and camping gear in the event you are going camping. The paddling through Manampitiya, Somawathiya and Wasgamuwa national parks are famous for wild life and elephant watching as they could be seen on the banks of the river. You could also enjoy some night camping on the river sand banks with eerie sounds of wild beasts to keep you company and make your trip a memorable experience.



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