Explore a stunningly beautiful ecosystem-the Mangrove National Park in Abu Dhabi – A treasure trove of rich biodiversity and unexpected serenity within the UAE

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Abu Dhabi is one of the most diverse emirates when it comes to topography and the animal populace of the UAE. With ecosystems such as the mangroves to the cooler weather Abu Dhabi is a treasure trove to those looking forward to an outdoor experience within the UAE

image by Raganesh via wikicommons ofAbu Dhabi Skyline from Breakwaters Marina

The Mangrove National park

A 19 square kilometer forest with hard trunk type of florae that is a safe homeland to the specific type of fauna only found within that ecosystem. Found of the mostly among the coastline of countries with tropical & subtropical weather the mangroves are a natural shield to detrimental issues such as erosion and global warming.

Things to do

Of the many things to do in Abu Dhabi the mangrove offers a variety of tours and activities with accredited tour & activity companies with whom any visitor can explore the park and the waters of the mangrove.

The species

AT the Mangrove National Park is home to hundreds of birds, plants and other species. To be more precise there are more than 60 species of avifauna, many crustaceans and fish breeding and thriving within the mangroves. The species often seen by visitors are the Western reef heron, the greater flamingo and the mottled crab.

Getting there

The mangrove National park is located just behind Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara on Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Street outside central Abu Dhabi.


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