Explore Colonial Buildings in the Fort Area – A Glimpse of Colonial Legacies

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Ancient colonial buildings of Sri Lanka are many in number and serve as a reminder of colonial rule that was present during the 16th and 19th centuries. Here are some such buildings in Colombo Fort.

Colombo Dutch Museum

Located several kilometres north of Colombo Fort Railway Station, the Dutch Museum is one of the few buildings representing the Dutch colonial era. You will easily spot this tall building featuring a raw of classical columns holding up to the red-tiled roof of the building. The overhanging roof and giant wooden doors are elements of Dutch architectural style.

File:Colombo Dutch Museum.jpg
L ManjuColombo Dutch MuseumCC BY-SA 4.0

Wolvendaal Church

This church can be regarded as an ancient Protestant church still in use in the country. The architectural style utilized to build the church is known as the ‘Doric style’. The high roof in the middle of the building features a dome-roofed in blue Bangor slate roof tiles.

File:Wolvendaal Church - 04.jpg
Dan arndtWolvendaal Church – 04CC BY-SA 4.0

Dutch Hospital

The Dutch Hospital was initially designed as a hospital for soldiers during the Dutch occupation of Sri Lanka. Now you’ll find many restaurants, bars, and shops where you can spend some time with your friends or family. This place is easily accessible from any Colombo city hotel the likes of Cinnamon Red Colombo from where visiting the Dutch Hospital is just an 11-minute drive. Overall the entire building provides a comfortable internal environment to the visitors.

File:Dutch Hospital.jpg
KanatonianDutch HospitalCC BY-SA 3.0

Old Parliament Building

Once visited the place, you’ll feel like tracing the history associated with this fascinating building. It indicates a neo-baroque style of architecture and this building was initially utilized as the office space for the council. Until 1983, this majestic building was the Parliament of Sri Lanka.

WerangaR Old Parliament CMB.jpeg
weranga rajapakshaWerangaR Old Parliament CMBCC BY-SA 2.0

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