Explore the Beauty of Kandy Lake Sri Lanka – a magnificent legacy that depicts a bygone era

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Built by the last King of Sri Lanka, Sri Wickrama Rajasingha, the Lake is one of the highlights of Kandy – the second largest city in Sri Lanka.

Kandy Lake| Img by: nuzree via Pixabay


The lake was built in 1807 and is located right in front of the Temple of the Tooth (the Dalada Maligawa). It extends to 6,544 sq. meters and has a circumference of about 3.21km. the building located on the island in the center of the lake was said to serve as a pavilion for the King’s relaxation back in the day. Some even say he used it as his “pleasure house”


Close by to many Kandy hotels, the lake is the epitome of man-made lakes in Sri Lanka. Certain hotels like the Mahaveli reach Hotel is just a 30 min drive to the lake. The spot is perfect for a relaxed evening stroll with your loved ones.

Walakula Bamma


To enhance the beauty of the lake, there was a white wall called the Walakula Bamma (meaning white cloud) that was built around it. The wall extends to half of the lake as the king was unable to complete it before the city was captured by the British. The wall still lies unfinished


The Ulpange was a private bathing area used by the queen and some of the other King’s mistresses. It is situated partly in the Kandy lake and is now used as a police headquarters. Be sure to make a visit here if you are heading toward the lake.



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