Explore the Furthest South with Addu Atoll – Authentic Island Life!

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The Maldives is an island nation, made up of several atolls and Addu Atoll is the furthest south of all of them and is one of only two Maldivian atolls south of the equator. Interested in exploring the southern Atoll of Addu?

1). Maradhoo – town life

South of Addu City is a smaller town called Maradhoo which is the 17th most populated place within the Maldives. The town centre has a mosque which is integral in the community life here.

2). Maradhoo – Economy

Every five days fisherman return to the harbour with their catch, bearing mostly tuna. It is truly a sight to see the fish being gutted on the beach before being sent off to a tuna processing ship, which is surrounded by hungry sharks!

3). Maradhoo – Beaches

The beaches here are far from the typical sights you get when you look up Maldivian beaches. There aren’t pristine, with old clothing and cans discarded everywhere. If you’re searching for the best hotels in Maldives while you explore the area, there are several to pick from like Adaaran Club Rannalhi.

4). Maradhoo – Cusine

The local cuisine here is a mix of Sri Lankan and Indian influences. Meat is expensive, as the tiny island has no means of farming enough on a daily basis, but the wide variety of fish dishes will more than make up for it!

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