Explore the Heart of British Ceylon – Visit one of the most beautiful cities in Sri Lanka!

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Known to many as little England; Nuwara Eliya is well known for its cool and soothing climate and its awe-inspiring landscapes. Read through to know more about the city that was the beating heart of British Ceylon.

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The city is the capital of the administrative district of Nuwara Eliya and is located at an altitude of 1868 metres above sea level. Nestled in-between the islands tallest mountains high altitude location of the city makes it the coolest place in the country.

A bit of history

The City was Founded by Samuel Baker in 1846 and was a prime sanctuary for planters and British civil servants during the colonial period. Many buildings and mansions built during this time are still standing tall preserving their city’s colonial pride.


The city is surrounded by landscapes of scenic splendour and is home to a number of attractions; the Haggala botanical gardens, the Park located at the banks of the lake Gregory, the single tree hill, and the Horton plains are some of the attractions you can visit during your stay in Nuwara Eliya.

Things you need to Know

Do remember that it can get pretty crowded in Nuwara Eliya during peak times and it is recommended that you book your stay in advance before your arrival. One of the renowned holiday bungalows in Nuwara Eliya the likes of Amaya Langdale Nuwara Eliya is an accommodation option worth considering.

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