Exploring Udawatta Kele Sanctuary – A true ornithologist’s paradise!

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Looking for a birding and nature excursion in Sri Lanka? Head over to the Udawatta Kele Sanctuary which is located on a hill-ridge in Kandy. Here are some interesting facts about this forest reserve.

Image Credit- McKay Savage from Chennai, India, Sri Lanka – 029 – Kandy Temple of the ToothCC BY 2.0


Also known as the Royal Forest Park in Kandy this forest reserve located on a stunning hill behind the Temple of the Tooth Relic. It covers a total land area of 257 acres and it is considered as an important Bio-reserve in the city. The forest is divided into three main categories such as canopy, sub-canopy and an underground layer. It is interesting to view how this beautiful forest acts as a ‘catchment area’ to supply water to the city.


For those of you staying at Kandy hotels or any other form of lodging, then visiting this forest reserve will be a truly pleasurable activity in order to spend some time amidst lush greenery. One such option worth making note of is Earl’s Regency, from which the Udawatta Kele is just 26 minutes away.

Why should you visit?

If you are a bird enthusiast, visiting Udawatta Kele will be a pleasurable activity since you’ll be able to spot more than 80 bird species including a great variety of plant species. Curious travellers who are keen on discovering hidden historical elements of Sri Lanka, this is an ideal place to visit. The Lady Horton’s Road, Marble Seat and Lovers’ Walk are some of the historically important places that belonged to the ancient kingdom of Kandy.

Important tips!

Those who are planning to visit this place should get ready with suitable clothing for any weather condition. If you are trekking in hot weather, it is recommended to bring a sun lotion and suitable insect repellents.


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