First-time visit in Kuala Lumpur – Places to discover

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The magnificent capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur or affectionately known as KL is serene in its own way. Streets are alive with vehicles and pedestrians and the buildings are buzzing with activity while the city works hard. Here are a few places to visit on your first trip here.

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Petronas Towers

The Petronas Towers have become the very identity of KL and draws in thousands of tourists into this amazing city. The best part about the tower? Well, that’s up to you if you like the thrill of walking on a glass bridge connecting the towers or the panoramic view of the city from 370m.

Islamic Arts Museum

Walk into a place that displays the brilliance of Islamic themed architecture, jewellery, carpets and even pottery with calligraphy inscribed in it. The ceiling of the building too is finely crafted to Arabian style and is simply beautiful to the eye. Hotels like Berjaya Times Square Hotel are just around the corner.


The remains of KL from ages past is prominent in Chinatown that is located on the border where the Klang and Gombak rivers meet. The streets here are lined with shop-houses to walk into and maybe purchase a thing or two. Merdeka Square and Bukit Nanas are 2 other iconic places worth visiting.

Lake Gardens

This is yet another place that cannot be missed, especially if you love observing wildlife. If you find yourself bored at your 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur, stop by this wonderful park and go birdwatching and marvel at the pretty, vibrant flowers too!

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