Free things to do in Bali – For all the Beach Bums out there!

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If you are visiting Jakarta – Indonesia, then Alila -Jakarta is one of the best hotels you can stay at. Jakarta is famous for its mixed rich culture, shopping and nightlife, but if you are looking for relaxing things to do in Jakarta, ideally, just take a 3-hour flight to Bali which is one of the most visited destinations in 2018.

Bali beach| Img by:  Sony Nex-5 via MaxPixel

Beach Walks

Most beaches in Bali are free to explore, however, a small fee maybe charged for parking if you come by vehicle. Walk along the black sandy beaches of Canggu and Echo beach Parenenam for an experience of a lifetime.

Get drenched at the Water Blow

The water blow at the Nusa Dua beach never fails to impress its visitors. It is a natural phenomenon where the strong waves push through and crash against a narrow gap, creating a big splash against the reefs.

Lovers Walk up Ubud’s Love Hill

A romantic spot for couples to visit because of its picturesque view. The track is easy and leads to an ancient temple called Pura Bukit Lebah. Frequently visited by couples to take engagements pictures, this track is about 2 hours from the main road.

Release some baby Turtles

To preserve sea turtles, the Kuta beach sea turtle conservation group store their eggs in a hatchery and release the baby turtles into the sea after they are hatched. Look out for the giant turtle statue on your left when walking on the beach towards Discovery Mall. You cannot miss it!



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