Galle Face Green Sri Lanka – Stroll along the magnificent west coast

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A city without a character of its own is hardly remembered by anyone. If you are in Colombo, you will have many memories of Galle Face! Read and know why.


Galle Face Green| Img by: Mayakaru via Wikimedia Commons,  CC BY 3.0


Located in the heart of the capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo, the Galle Face is a popular ocean-side promenade. It is an ideal place to witness gorgeous sunsets, kite flyers, local food vendors and more. There is always something exciting happening at Galle Face, as the locals call it.

An egalitarian place!

This is indeed one of the happiest places in the country. While walking along the promenade, one can notice that there are people of all the ethnicities, social circles and backgrounds get together in a spirit of fun and enjoyment.

Recreational activities

Fishing is a popular activity and the new peer provides a convenient spot for fishing. One can often see how young boys play cricket in the clear green lawn. The stretch of open skies calls out to do kite flying. Many a real estate in Sri Lanka the likes of John Keells Properties are conveniently located close to this attraction.

Ideal spot for ‘foodies’

A range of food stalls are set up facing the ocean. The smells emanated from each stall will surely tease your taste buds. Don’t forget to try out a fresh ‘isso wade’, a popular shrimp-filled snack found here.




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