Gangaramaya Temple Colombo – The City’s Famous Buddhist Place of Worship


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The city of Colombo is a unique metropolitan landscape with new and old attractions to offer. The Gangaramaya Temple manages to shine above the rest as one of the most unique points of interest.

Dan arndt, Gangaramaya Temple (Rows of Buddhas), CC BY-SA 4.0


The temple is older than most people would assume, with an age of around 120 years and was initially built by an influential shipping merchant from the 19th century. It was later expanded upon and developed with the financial aid of a Muslim sponsor according to a design by Geoffrey Bawa.


The current incarnation of the temple is striking and captivating, with design elements borrowed from Chinese, Thai, Indian and of course Sri Lankan architecture. The grand imposing buildings that seem to float over Beira Lake are a truly unforgettable sight.


One of the most iconic aspects of the Gangaramaya Temple is the vast collection of items that are featured within it. These items were largely donated by various entities both local and international, and allow visitors to experience the many styles associated with Buddhist sculpture throughout the world.

Current Activities

The Gangaramaya Temple is a renowned centre for the study of Buddhist knowledge in addition to being a place of worship. The temple also carries out a great deal of welfare and is known for being welcoming to visitors of all faiths, making it a popular tourist attractions for travellers staying in a Colombo hotel in the area from entities such as Berjaya Hotel Colombo.

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