Get what you want at Souq Waqif Doha – the standing market

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Be the beaches, museums, and malls that grab your attention, Doha is quite a sought-after tourist destination. An interesting place would be Souq Waqif a marketplace with a typical Arabian atmosphere.


Things to keep in mind

The souq is a refashioned market space where you can walk about in the puzzling corridors jam-packed with small boutiques. Here you will find whatever, from Arabian perfumes to pet shops and spices. This is a brilliant place to get your souvenirs or maybe even try out a drag of shisha.

Shopping tours

The Souq Waqif means “standing market”, this place has been identified as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Qatar. Earlier this year Shop Qatar 2018 was launched, this is where locals provide tourists with a tour of the Souq Waqif which includes teaching them how to identify whether or not a good is worth their money. It seems that many tourists have taken a liking to the tour since it was introduced this year.

Traditional restaurants

Looking for that steaming cup of coffee? Why not try it the Arabian way at the many cafes and restaurants at Souq Waqif. Treat your taste buds to mouth-watering Doha delicacies from authentic restaurants that you will find as you walk through the maze of small shops. If you are accommodated at one of many classy Doha resorts for example, at Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel, head over here of a different dining experience.

The falcon souq

This is a place set a side just for falcony. This sport in Qatar goes way back and is practised even to date. Here perched on wooden frames are the proud falcons with their heads sheathed in fancy hoods. With the supervision of the shopkeeper, you can ask for a falcon perch on your arms. These birds are traded and bought for hundreds of dollars here.

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