Getting Around in Sri Lanka – The Lowdown

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Sri Lanka is a small island and getting around it, though not always convenient, is relatively easy. You can travel by bus which is the cheapest, by tuk-tuk, by train, hired cars/vans or in some cases by domestic chartered flights; usually seaplanes. In most cases, the chosen method of transport depends on where you’re coming from and where you want to go.

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Taking the Train

There are three major train lines in Sri Lanka, all of them handled by Sri Lankan Railways. The South Line is the coastal train which goes from Colombo all the way to Matara in the south. The East Line which boasts the “most beautiful train ride” from Haputale to Ella, originates in Colombo and goes through Kandy, Hatton, Nanu Oya, Ella, and Badulla. The North line runs from Colombo to Jaffna and can be taken to Habarana Village by Cinnamon if you’d like to spend a few days exploring the cultural triangle.

Bussing It

You can get anywhere by bus wherever it is you’re staying whether at a holiday home, a backpacker’s lodge or a Sri Lanka resort. The bus networks are extensive and have private run buses, government buses and intercity buses with air conditioning for longer journeys. This method of transport is considered the cheapest in Sri Lanka.

Hired Driver and Vehicle

If it’s comfort and convenience you are after, you can hire your own driver and car. It can be arranged at each leg of your journey or for the overall stay in Sri Lanka. The drivers are very knowledgeable on the sites of note in Sri Lanka and will often moonlight as your guide.

Tuk Tuk Journeys

For the shorter distance, the tuk-tuk is the Sri Lankan way to travel. There are metered taxis and cab hailing services available in Colombo and a few major cities. It’s always encouraged to bargain the price before going if you’re taking a non-metered tuk-tuk.

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