Guide to the perfect weekend in Singapore – Places to visit

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When it comes to Singapore, obviously, 48-hours are definitely not sufficient to explore the place. However, if all you’ve got is a weekend it can’t be helped! So here is a brief guide for the perfect places to visit during your short visit.

Clarke Quay| Img by: Nicolas Lannuzel via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0

Raffles Landing Site

This place holds historic importance to the locals. To travellers, on the other hand, it is a great place to hang out and relax. Maybe even get some splendid pictures of the skyline of Singapore and admire the architecture that lines the river banks!

Old Hill Street Police Station

If you are a photographer at heart, then this monument in Singapore is a must to capture. The massive edifice has several windows with various colours. It is best visited in the morning in order to avoid traffic and heat.

Clarke Quay

This neighbourhood seems almost something comical with its rainbow coloured houses. This park of Singapore is also a famous spot for the nightlife. The town is truly alive at night with bars, clubs and eateries that open their doors to customers at the late hour.

Shopping and lodging

Well, when it comes to shopping we all know that Singapore is not short of shopping malls! And the best part is they all look amazing from the outside too! When it comes to places to stay, hotels in Serangoon road Singapore such as the renowned Park Hotel Farrer Park are available. Making your booking early may help.



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