Hanifaru Bay, Maldives – The bay of bliss


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The Hanifaru bay is home to a reef surrounded by surreal white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters the reef is also a nursery for Manta rays and Whale Sharks. A visit here will be a truly marvellous and experience for the soulful traveller inside you.

The Bay

Hanifaru is an uninhabited island in the Baa Atoll in the Maldives, the bay; not larger than a football field is home to wide variety of marine life and is a nursery for some of the most magnificent sea creatures

The Manta Ray

Image Credit- Shiyam ElkClonerDharavandhoo Thila – Manata Black PearlCC BY-SA 3.0

Manta rays; A truly magnificent and enigmatic creature is one of the occupants of the Hanifaru Bay. These are large rays which belong to Manta genus and they can grow up to 7 meters in width.

The feeding frenzy

One of the best Maldives attractions you get to witness here is the manta feeding frenzy. You can dive and witness these magnificent beasts in all its glory in their natural habitat. If you are lucky you can see flocks of mantas barrel rolling and swimming gracefully around you and will be a memory you could never forget

Getting the timing right

The time period between May to November is said to be the perfect time to visit Hanifaru bay as this is when there will be a massive build-up of planktons in the bay area due to the South West monsoon. The concentrated plankton population draws in these charismatic creatures and creates a feeding frenzy.

Places to Stay and diving Excursions

There are many resorts located close to the enchanting bay of Hanifaru like the Dhigali Maldives, and many of these resorts provide diving excursions and many Maldives dive live boards feature Hanifaru in their schedules.

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