Have a Royally Good Time Visiting the Buckingham Palace in London -It Doesn’t Get More Fancy Than This!

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Tub London Buckingham Building Water Palace | Img. Src; [Max Pixel, Creative Commons Zero – CC0]
“Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been? I’ve been up to London to visit the Queen”. Pay a visit to the Buckingham Palace in London and you might have a chance to spot the queen! Read these interesting facts for now.

It’s just home to the Queen

This big, beautiful palace, located within easy reach from hotels in Bayswater London such as the Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel; isn’t just the home for Queen Elizabeth II and her royally awesome family, but it’s also home to more than 800 members of the staff! Some of them include the fendersmith, flagman and the flagman. You might think living in such a palace is super cool, but it takes a lot of work. Just think the clockmaker has to take care of about 350 clocks and watches in the palace that needs to be wound up every single week!

The grand Ballroom is the pièce de résistance

There are millions of ballrooms and banquet halls in the world but there’s none that so fancy as the one at the Buckingham Palace. The 36.6m long, 18m wide and 13.5m high hall is the best and the most extravagant feature in the entire palace. And if you thought that’s all there is, you were wrong, the palace also has a doctor’s surgery, a post office, cinema, pool and even a police station just in case someone decides to get a little naughty!

It went through a tough time during the war

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were so “badass” that they refused to leave the palace during the World War II. As a result, the Buckingham Palace became such an good target that it endured 9 direct hits during the air raids. The Queen Mother’s reaction to all these bombings shows just how tough she was as she had said that it caused “‘a tremendous explosion’ but had happily added that “‘everybody remained wonderfully calm”.

There are secret tunnels

Every one of us grew up reading these exciting adventure stories of palaces and secret tunnels, but for the royals growing up at the Buckingham Palace it wasn’t just a story, it was reality. Apparently there are secret passageways and tunnels that run beneath the surface connecting to nearby streets. There is one incident that says that one day when King George VI and the Queen Mother went exploring in one of these secret tunnels, they met a man all the way from Newcastle, who was living there!

You Can Tell If The Queen is Home

The next time you’re going to visit the Queen, you don’t have to call and ask her if she’s in, just check the flag! LOL No like seriously, you can tell if the Queen Elizabeth is out or in by checking which flag is hoisted at the palace. If it is the Union Flag, it means that the ‘old gal’ is out about the town. If you see the Royal Standard, it means that the Queen is at home eating a hot scorn or two and just chilling at home with her beloved corgis!

Foot Guards Buckingham Palace Hats Bearskins | Img. Src: [Max Pixel, Creative Commons Zero – CC0]
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