Health Benefits of Nature Walk – Walk your way to tranquillity


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A calm and serene feeling along with the cool and soothing breeze from the wilderness! Venture into the woods and embrace nature, discover tranquillity on your trail when you walk along with nature.

Image by PhotoGranary via Pixabay (CC0 1.0)

What is nature walking?

Nature walking is a type of hiking that is done on a distinctive pathway that is specially developed for walks. The path usually runs through a countryside or part of a jungle with less dense vegetation. The path also consists of several marked stations or stops to witness points of natural interest and beauty.

The benefits

Nature walks are awesome and they come along with a number of benefits. First of all, it’s a wonderful way to relieve stress as they are extremely therapeutic and they are claimed to elevate your senses. The walks also help to detoxify your body as you are breathing in fresh air. Walking in the woods can also help you concentrate and increase your ability to focus.

Where can you do this?

Almost all the suburbs have pathways surrounded by vegetation can be utilized for this kind of walks. But if you need the full ‘nature walk experience’ it is recommended that you should choose a jungle which has designated pathways. You can find several places near the Sigiriya jungle reserve for nature walks when you plan your stay at Heritance Hotels which is one of the top hotels in Sigiriya region.

Tips to make your experience more satisfying

Nature walks are to enjoy and embrace relaxation so, during your walk make sure you don’t use mobile phones unless it is absolutely necessary. If you are walking in groups avoid talking with each other as it makes it difficult to tune in to nature and will ruin your experience. Listen closely to the sounds of nature, take your time to explore and don’t rush through the path walk slowly taking in the ambience. Follow these things for an enjoyable and tranquil walking experience.


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