Historical Mansion Museum Galle – Interesting trinkets of history

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Speaking of history, some of the oldest historical items that have survived the clock are displayed here in the Mansion Museum in Galle. On your visit to the south of the island of Sri Lanka, visit this house of valuables and learn how the Lankan culture evolved with the intervention of the western world;

Ji-Elle, Galle-Historical Mansion Museum, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons
Ji-Elle, Galle-Historical Mansion Museum, CC BY-SA 3.0 Via Wikimedia Commons

The startup

The inspiration for this museum came from the Salarjung Museum in India. It was a man called Abdul Gaffar, a resident of Galle, who initiated the idea with his collection of assorted items. It is the largest private museum in the country.


If you are staying in a Dickwella Resort, assuming it’s the likes of Soul Resorts, the Historical Mansion Museum is a few minutes’ drive away. Find a Dutch colonial style building situated down Leyn Baan Street near Galle Fort.

Things to see

The rooms here are packed with many interesting knickknacks that will spark your curiosity! Find age-old typewriters, cameras, jewellery and VOC china and many other such pieces of history. Also, witness the cultural and traditional activities that will be taking place. For example, gem cutting and production of ‘beeralu lace’. The highlight of the experience is the Dutch well in the central courtyard with a stone slab on which is sculpted the year 1763.

Interesting facts

The museum is open to all at any time of day and the best part is that there is no entrance fee to be paid. the items on display are for sale too. Moreover, there is a gem shop from which you can get the homegrown gems from Sri Lanka. There is interesting china too and teacups that are decorated with an intricate painting of Queen Elizabeth the second!

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