Hopewell Centre at Queen’s Road Hong Kong – A jewel of the Hong Kong cityscape!

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Hopewell Centre is a 64 storied skyscraper located on the eastern side of Queens’s road in Wan Chai. Read on to know more about this iconic building.

Image by Exploringlife, Hopewell Centre, CC BY-SA 4.0


The building Hopewell Centre is owned by a Hong Kong-listed property named Hopewell Holdings Limited which answers the question of how it got its name. The company is headquartered here and the CEO’s office is located on the topmost floor of the building.


The construction of this mega structure commenced in 1977 and was completed in 1980. By the time it was opened it was the first circular skyscraper, and also the tallest in Hong Kong.

Other attractions

There is also a private swimming pool on the top floor and it is said that it was put there due to Feng Shui reasons. There is a revolving restaurant on the 62nd floor called the “Revolving 66”. The restaurant as per the name suggests, it completes a full rotation each hour.

Getting there

You can reach here easily by an MTR train. All you have to do is get down at MTR Wan Chai Station Exit D, and walk through the Lee Tung Avenue till you reach the building. Also, you can reach here by a taxi from almost all the accommodation options the likes of Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong which is a Hong Kong boutique hotel located near the building.


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