How to Spend Your Holiday in Manggis Bali – Taste a Piece of Paradise!

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Home to an impressive coastline, crystal waters and with a plethora of exciting things to do on offer, Manggis is a district Bali frequented by tourist all year round. Read on to know about how you could spend your holiday here.

Head out to the blue lagoon beach

As the name suggests this is a beach in the Manggis district which is home to an amazing beach that is located in the lagoon. The clear blue waters here are ideal for snorkelling and you can plunge right in for a refreshing dip. The beach is also located close to Alila Manggis which is a renowned hotel in Candidasa.

Image Credit: Alila Manggis

Witness the magnanimity Mount Agung

Though you can’t get to the top since it has an active volcano, you can witness the magnificent mountain at a safe distant which will certainly be a spectacle to watch. You could also capture some stunning images of the mountains by visiting the nearest viewpoint.

Agung usgs.jpg
anonymous, Agung usgs, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Bali Extreme Adventure

If you are looking to experience a little sense of adventure this is the right place to be. You could enjoy quadbike rides, join in for an exciting hike and feast your eyes upon amazing views of rainforest by visiting here.

Image Credit: Image Credit: Alila Manggis

Visit the temples and palaces

If you wish to explore a bit of Bali’s vibrant culture there are a number of temples, monuments and ancient palaces you could pay a visit. Upon visiting them you can marvel at the stunning architecture and appreciate Bali’s cultural heritage.

Image Credit: Image Credit: Alila Manggis

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