Huangyaguan Great Wall – The Not-As-Great Wall of China

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The Huangyaguan Pass as it is commonly referred to is situated in the Tianjin province of China and is one of the district’s most popular tourist attractions.


The Great Wall China | Image by panayota via pixabay


The Huangyaguan Pass was first built by the Northern Qi Dynasty which existed around 1400 years ago. Later on, the wall was extensively repaired by the Ming Dynasty. This wall also stretches for around 26 miles and initially boasted 52 watchtowers and 14 beacon towers.

The Museum

Within the pass you can find a network of streets, which form an eight diagram. At the centre of this is the Great Wall Museum where you can examine items ranging from weapons of war to daily necessities utilised by soldiers and guardsmen. There’s even a collection of poems to be found here.

Touring the Great Wall

You can access the wall via two entrances, one at Huangya Pass and the other at the Taiping Mountain Stronghold. One can hike from one entrance to the other which would result in a breathtaking 2-hour adventure. If you’re going on a vacation to this city, many providers of Tianjin accommodation nearby such as Ascott TEDA MSD Tianjin would be able to organise a visit to the Huangya Pass for you. .

Where to Dine

If you’re taking a visit to the Huangyaguan Pass then it is highly recommended you sample the cuisine of the many local farmhouses in the vicinity to experience local dishes at their freshest and finest.


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