Independence Square Colombo- A monumental landmark of the country

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An iconic landmark that commemorates the exact location where Sri Lanka celebrated its independence from the British in 1948. Since then, every year, the National Independence Day is celebrated here. On other days, it is a great spot to visit and unwind.

Image credit- Charaka RanasingheIndependence Commemoration HallCC BY 2.0

The Architecture

The design of the Memorial Hall, the most monumental feature, was inspired by the Assembly Hall or the “Magul Maduwa” that were present in the royal court of the King of Kandy, which happens to be the last royal kingdom of the country. The hall has many columns with intricate stone carvings and surrounded by symbols of political freedom and rich history.

Recreational Activities

Surrounding the square is a well-kept garden, water fountain and paved pathways that serve as a jogging track or a cycling lane. Many heads here for their evening or morning jog or a little picnic. There is a free gym and a bicycle rental place as well.

Independence Memorial Hall

At the far end of the memorial hall, is a brown door that will open into the memorial museum if you are keen to learn a bit more about the history.

Arcade Independence

Just adjacent to the square, is a fairly recently opened shopping precinct with boutiques, pubs and restaurants and shops you can go to.
It is located in central Colombo, close to many a hotel in Colombo, making it easily accessible to these including Mount Lavinia Hotel which is less than 30 minutes away.

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