“Independence Square is still a Great Place to Relax in Colombo”, – An idyllic place to spend your leisure!

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Part park, part monument, the independence is one of the best places in Colombo to enjoy your leisure in absolute harmony.

Independence Square Colombo| Img by: cerno via Flickr


Built in the year 1948, the independence square is an icon of peace and democracy. It was built to commemorate and welcome the start of a new independent government. The square consists of a hall, a museum, and a shopping complex surrounded by a park.

Things to do

Located far from the bustles of the city the square provides a space to relax and enjoy a blissful evening. You could also pay a visit to the museum which is located within the complex; there are also cycling and walking pathways.

Getting there and other attractions

You can easily reach here by taxi, from almost any part of the Colombo city. As mentioned earlier there is an arcade adjoining the memorial hall where you will find a slew of flagship stores and restaurants to shop and dine to your convenience.

Accommodation options

There are a number of restaurants and apartments in Colombo the likes of TRI-ZEN, where you can plan your stay after a day of exploration and shop at the independence square. Home to a number of attractions, the place is clean and well maintained so it should be added to your travel itinerary during your stay in Colombo.




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