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Indulge in Australia’s finest wines at Moorilla Vineyard

Named after the aboriginal meaning of ‘a rock by the water’, Moorilla Estate and Vineyard is considered the birth place of modern wine industry in Tasmania. Despite many pioneers attempting to produce wine here it was only when Italian Claudio Alcorso, a textile merchant, successfully blended marketing and viticulture that the vineyard really took off in the 1950’s. Since then the Morilla Vineyard has gone on to produce some of the very best wines ever produced in Australia.

What began with just 200 vines has now extended itself to 4000 vines per hectare which in turn produces close to 20’000 cases of wine amounting to 200 tons. Following the testing of fruit weekly, the harvesting is usually carried out in March.

Although initially carried out as a family concern, the vineyards and estate are now managed by a group of businessmen. Alcorso’s widow however continues to live on the premises.

Apart from the winery, which is one of Australia’s largest, the estate has also incorporated four chalets along the cliffs overlooking the water front. These chalets are modernistic and are self sufficient with large king sized beds, spa bathrooms, and private balconies and features unique antiquities from Syria, Rome and Greece. The atmosphere is tranquil and peaceful and visitors are welcome to the adjoining wine cellar for tasting, sampling and purchasing.

With the winery being only 15 km away from Hobart the journey is not too far and entrance is possible via road, ferry, or helicopter. The winery features a beautiful restaurant open for lunch and dinner on certain days. The restaurant offers modern Australian cuisine well balanced with the exquisite Pinot Noir, Gewrztraminer and Riesling produced on the estate.

The staff is well educated and knowledgeable on the subject of wines and very especially the Moorilla wines. This makes for an enjoyable pastime of tasting from the wine cellars of the wine as well as unpasteurized beer. A vintage brut of quality is also produced at the vineyard.

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