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Iram of the Pillars – The Lost City

Oman is home to many historic attractions and spectacular locations. Countless tourists arrive through the year to explore its mysteries. Travellers to Oman are able to find accommodation at one of the resorts in Salalah such as the Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara or any other. Among the many interesting legends spoken about, the lost city named as the “Atlantis of the Sands” stands out. This is very much similar to the famous lost city of Atlantis. The city is also called by the names of Ubar and Iram of the Pillars. Research identifies this to be an area that existed in ancient times but was ruined by a natural disaster or destroyed by God.

According to the Quran a population that was named as the Ad lived in and worked towards building the city of Iram. These people had turned away from worshiping and following the ways of Allah. This is when a prophet named Hud was called to convince the people to turn back to Allah. Yet the Ad refused to abide by the preaching and direction of Hud. For this reason a sand storm was sent to the city that continued for seven consecutive days which finally drowned the city. It is believed that this is only a mythical tale said so as to convince people not to turn away from Allah. However as mythical as it may sound, there are many who believe it to be true.

An archeologist along with his team proclaimed to have found this lost city. The camel tracks were evidence that some kind of trade must have taken place in ancient times. A question arises at present as to, if this mini version of a lost city really existed in the Arabs.

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