Kandé Viharaya, Aluthgama – A Place of Sanctity and Worship…

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Sri Lanka is home to many beautiful temples such as the Kandé Viharaya Temple is a must if one is out and about in the Kaltura district.

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The Kandé Viharaya temple has its inception under the patronage of Ven. Karapagala Dewmitta Thero in the year 1734. During the ensuing years, the temple was renovated and developed with the assistance of the Sri Lankan Government and has become a popular place of worship for Buddhists.

Things to See

The temple premises house an interesting image house where murals representing Buddhist lore is painted in intricate detail, a stupa and sacred Bodhi tree which is believed to be 300 years old are. The highlight is the gigantic Buddhist statue which was completed in 2007.


The temple is located in Kaluwamodra, Althugama, a part of the Kaltura district which is home to several boutique hotels in Sri Lanka including the likes of Saman Villas. The temple can be reached easily via a hired vehicle or through public transport.

Tips to Remember

Given that, the temple is a sacred place of worship, visitors are advised to dress covering their legs and shoulders. Entrance to the temple is free however if visitors wish, they can drop a small donation into a donation box

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