Koh Kradan Island – An escape to paradise!

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Koh Kradan island thailand
Koh Kradan BoatMark Fischer(CC BY-SA 2.0)

Koh Kradan is one of the most beautiful small islands scattered around Thailand and one of the good beach holiday Destinations. The island is home to pristine and beautiful white sand beaches and crystal blue sea and Sandy Beach Trips recommends this island for travelers who are seeking to vacation in one of the best beach getaways.


The oblong-shaped island spans approximately 600 acres the island is located about 10 kilometers from the south coast of Thailand at a close proximity to the mainland of Thailand and it is part of the Trang province of Southern Thailand.

Things to do…

The main attraction here is the white sand beaches located around the island; you can chill and relax under the tropical sun at any of these pristine beaches, you can also go for a snorkeling session directly from the beach and discover beautiful marine creatures. You can also enjoy spectacular sceneries when you are at this paradise island.

Paradise beach and Sunset beach

These are the two main beaches of the island; The Sunset beach located features a well-preserved reef which is just a few meters away from the beach which is ideal for snorkeling. The paradise beach, on the other hand, has some of the most beautiful views with crystal blue water and jungles near the beach.

Things to remember

Remember that there aren’t many places to visit in this island it’s just the beaches you can spend your time and beware things and food here can be incredibly pricey and there are no ATMs or medical facility in this island. Although this island offers a wonderful retreat to travellers, the fact that it has limited facilities puts it in a place where you can only visit the island for a day trip.

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