Kotmale Mahaweli Maha Seya – The Second Largest Stupa in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is an island with a lot of remarkably ancient structures that still baffle both engineers and archaeologists alike to this day. The Kotmale Mahaweli Maha Seya is something very much new.

Image Credit- Mahaweli Maha Seya by neelaka, (CC BY 2.0)

What is It?

The Kotmale Mahaweli Maha Seya refers to a stupa that is situated in Kotmale, close to many luxurious villas in Sri Lanka. Measuring just under 300 feet in height, this is second tallest stupa in the country, with the first being the great stupa of Anuradhapura.


This was the brainchild of Gamini Dissanayake, who was the Minister of Mahaweli Development at the time. One of the main reasons behind this was to commemorate the many temples and homes that were submerged due to the Mahweli Development Project.

Decades in the Making

Construction of the stupa commenced 1983, and reached a standstill just under a decade later, in 1991. Although work re-commenced in 2003, it wasn’t until 2016 that the stupa was completed and open to the public.

History of Mahaweli and Kotmale

This particular site was chosen due to its significance in the folk history of Sri Lanka, since it is believed to have been a refuge of the mythical Prince Gamini, who hid his sword somewhere in the area. Many believe Kotmale played a significant role in the prince’s attempts to unify Sri Lanka. The history of the region, as well as its tropical splendour, is probably you can find many resorts and hotels here, from entities such as FOX Corporate.

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