Kumana National Park – For the wildlife adventurist at heart!

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Spreading over an area of 35,644 hectares, the Kumana National Park is bordered by River Kumbukkan in the west. There is a 200-hectare man-grove called “Kumana Villu” that is within the park and occasionally gets filled with sea-water. The Kumana National park is no doubt a feast for bird lovers out there!

Kumana| Img via Nature Odyssey 

Birds at the park

The Kumana park is well known for being a bird sanctuary in Sri Lanka. It is home to many endemic, resident and migrant birds comprising of over 430 species. It is considered one of the prime bird watching parks in Sri Lanka as thousands of birds migrate to the swamp area during the months of April-July. Pelicans, white ibis, painted storks and herons are just a few of the birds you will commonly see during you tour in this park.

Reptiles at the park

The Kumana park serves as a perfect spot for wetland creatures such as reptiles including three turtle species and globally endangered crocodiles such as the Mugger Crocodile.

Best time to visit

Although weather is hot throughout the year in Sri Lanka, the best time to visit the park is during the months of April – August, according to the NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). There are many Sri Lanka wildlife tours that will have special guides to help you through this park. Some of the best packages can be found at tour companies such as Nature Odyssey.


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