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Ladies’ Street – Tung Choi street

A paradise for the ladies and bargain hunters, one finds this amazing segment of a street in Mongkok that is specifically intended for the enthusiastic female shoppers. It is the perfect paradise for this favourite past time of women of many generations who love nothing more than to stroll through an endless array of clothes, accessories and household items and try to get the best bargains for themselves as well as their households.

The Ladies Street comes as the southern section of Tung Choi Street that is found between Boundary Street and Dundas Street in Mongkok, Kowloon in Hong Kong. The street is usually crowded and hectic and is a place where your bargaining skills will become extremely beneficial. It is believed that this segment of the street, also known as the Women’s Street probably initiated as a part of the town where women went to buy various accessories and items for their homes. One can find here an excellent array of clothing from t-shirts to casual blouses, jeans, denims and other items as well as beautiful accessories like excellent bags, belts, chunky jewelry and so much more. There are also more household items like towels and table linen as well that are available for cheap prizes.

The keyword here is bargaining and since most diehard shoppers are extremely skilled in this art, it means that you can carry away some excellent purchases. Carrying cash is definitely advised and sometimes language and communication is supposed to possess a problem as some of the vendors know little English and mostly Chinese. In the northern section of the street, one can discover a golden paradise of fish in the Goldfish Street. In fact men need not despair as the computer shopping centre is only a short distance away as well as some stores selling items like digital cameras.

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