Lake Gardens KL – Explore Kuala Lumpur’s First Large Scale Park

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Kuala Lumpur is presently one of the most prosperous cities in the world, boasting many attractions that are famous throughout the world. The beautiful Lake Gardens were built before all of this happened.

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This park measures 91.6 hectares and is located at the very heart of the city. It’s a beautiful green-space to escape the metropolitan madness of the city and breathe some fresh air while enjoying the majestic and tranquil nature of the park.


This park was built during the late 1800s and was the brainchild of a British state treasurer known as Alfred Venning. Although it existed for a long time, it was officially opened as the Lake Gardens in 1975 by the second Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Present Day

Currently the park is one of the most famous attractions in Kuala Lumpur, and contains a multitude of attractions within it. Many entities such as and similar entities offering travel and airline ticket booking services feature the Lake Gardens as a prominent destination.

Attractions within Lake Gardens

It’s astonishing how much you can find within one park. The Kuala Lumpur Butterfly and Bird Parks, respectively, National Museum of Malaysia, the National Planetarium and even the National Mosque of Malaysia are all found here.

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