Lake Life at Bolgoda – A Charming Lakeside Getaway

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The tranquil waters, the spectacular biodiversity and the peaceful environment are all reasons to pay a visit to Bolgoda Lake. Here we’ve given you a few more ideas on what to expect at this relaxing location.

Bolgoda Lake
Bolgoda Lake | Image Credit : Chamal N, Bolgoda lake, CC BY-SA 3.0

The ultimate stress relief

Bolgoda offers you the chance to relieve all your stress by providing a serene view of the lake, allowing you to peacefully enjoy what is before you. Among the many resorts in Sri Lanka, Bolgoda has quite a number in its vicinity or nearby to accommodate you and your travel companions.

Surrounding nature

Bolgoda Lake is the largest freshwater body in Sri Lanka, and the best way to experience the lush greenery surrounding its environs is by going on a boat ride. Within easy reach of properties such as The Blue Water Hotel and Spa, the lake offers a heavenly atmosphere to experience nature as it is home to varying flora and fauna.

Adventurous activities

There is a string of water sports operators along the shores of Bolgoda Lake that encourage recreational activities of all sorts. Such activities will keep you well occupied and include kayaking, canoeing, sailing and waterskiing to name a few.

Events of all types

Whilst Bolgoda is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a simple and calm getaway, it is also well known for its ideal locations for intimate dinners and glamorous events. Bolgoda has many outdoor spaces to cater to any sort of event that you may have in mind.

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