Lake Tai in Suzhou – A Settlement Spanning 2,000 Years!

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Lake Tai is a very big lake and it rests between the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It is 70 km across the north to south and 59 km across from east to west. It is fed from a wide network of waterways that come from the west and discharges into the East China Sea using the Huangpu, Wusong and Liu rivers among others.

Lake Tai
Lake Tai | Image Credit : Tyyyyyyyyy, Lake Tai Beauty, CC BY-SA 4.0

Settled Since the 1st Century

The land surrounding the lake has been settled on since the 1st century BC and then irrigation systems were installed after the 7th century.

Irrigation Systems

Thanks to land reclamation projects and drainage in the 10th century and again in the 13th century, the area has prospered, the irrigation systems becoming more and more complex as the years pass. The Chinese government set up a water conservation project in the 1930s, adding to its importance to the region.

The Islands’ History

Like all big waterways and sources, the Tai Lake has significantly shaped the history of the region. The area of Suzhou developed on the back of the lake and its benefits, including the establishment of Buddhist and Daoist religious sites. Suzhou accommodation in the modern age stems from the natural beauty of the area which has made it popular among tourists. This is made apparent by the number of luxury resorts that have cropped up in the area like Citadines Xinghai Suzhou.

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