Langkawi Sky Bridge – Stunning Views atop Mount Mat Cinchang

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A visit to the Spectacular Langkawi Sky Bridge is a definite must when on the island, to enjoy some truly panoramic views of North Western Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Bridge| Img by: giggs24121 via Pixabay

How to get to there

The Sky Bridge located at 2, 300ft above sea level atop Mount Mat Cinchang, can be easily accessed by the Langkawi Cable Car which starts out from the Oriental Village. Taking a sweater along is advised as it can get quite chilly up there.

The architecture

The bridge is a 410ft – long and 1.8 wide, curved pedestrian bridge. Which happens to make a stunning background for many a Langkawi wedding venue such as the likes of Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort &Spa. While it might be a bit scary for people with a fear of heights, the bridge is extremely safe with double steel railings and an enclosed wire mesh.

Take lots of pictures

While on the way to the top, tourists are awarded picturesque views of the Telaga Tujah Waterfall and Rainforest. Upon disembarking at the sky bridge, two triangular platforms leads to an observatory deck which opens up to unobstructed vistas of the sky and sea. This special spot is perfect to take some amazing pictures, possibly with the Tarutao Island of Thailand in the background on a clear day.

Buy a souvenir

Do remember to get yourself a little souvenir to commemorate your visit to this stunning place. There are plenty of stalls atop the bridge which sells beautiful souvenirs, toys, and snacks to choose from.



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