Letting your hair down in Johor Bahru – Visit and experience JB

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Since many of you travellers out there may not know much about Johor Bahru (JB), this article can be an eye-opener. So, screen through and take a good look at why JB is as much a tourist destination as anywhere else in Malaysia.

Legoland Johor Bahru| Img by: omeng via Pixabay


Now, when it comes to Lego there is no denying that we’ve all loved playing with it when we were kids. Legoland, on the other hand, is on a whole new level! The entire theme park is made of Lego with activities for kids below the age of 12 and adults too.

It’s all about Paris

Never been to France? JB offers the perfect substitute at Little Paris where the streets and shophouses are designed to look live you’ve stepped into Paris! From the eateries to the high-end clothing stores, this place has it all! Berjaya Waterfront Hotel is an available option you are searching for a Johor hotel close by.

Senibong Cove

If you are on holiday with your partner and looking for the best romantic spot in JB, Senibong Cove is the place to be. Enjoy a nice meal and watch the sunset with yachts in the background. Uniquely romantic isn’t it?

JB Old Town

It’s finally time to show off what an amazing holiday you are having with some of those fantastic pictures on Instagram. Head over to Old Town and snap away at the murals and age-old architecture here.



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