Life in the Commercial Capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo – Some of the Best Things about the City

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Colombo is the commercial and metropolitan epicentre of the nation. It definitely has a unique cityscape and although the country is still finding its way, the city is remarkable in many ways.

McKay Savage from London, UK, Sri Lanka – 077 – Tuk-tuks waiting for fares in Kandy (1685043688), CC BY 2.0

Sri Lanka has a history that spans back thousands of years, and it can be glimpsed within the city of Colombo as well. From a number of museums throughout the metropolis to her various colonial buildings, anywhere you go, you’re bound to feel the history of the city around you.

Religious Buildings

Sri Lanka is a very multi-cultural nation, and one of the best indicators of this are her various religions. From mosques to temples to churches you’re never too far from a captivating religious institution. Their contrasting features are bound to amaze you, especially in the presence of towering Sri Lanka luxury apartments in the city such as Capitol TwinPeaks.

The Food

The cultural cuisine of Sri Lanka is definitely ‘intoxicating’. The island is rich in terms of spices and ingredients, and her food is influenced by a myriad of cultures spanning from India to Portugal.


Getting to speed around the city in this unique three-wheeled vehicle is one of the hallmark experiences Colombo has to offer. While some tuk-drivers can be a bit reckless at times, most of them are now under the patronage of entities with strict guidelines to follow.

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