London Bucket List – Visit these Incredible Sites


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London is the busy capital of England, which means it’s crowded, expensive and simply put, “exaggerated”. Still, the city seems to be attracting quite a number of tourists. What’s so alluring about London you may ask, well, the answer is given below;

Buckingham Palace

Yes, if you visit London, Buckingham Palace is undoubtedly the first place you’ll visit. This beauty has been the home of the royals of London since 1837! During summer months, you may purchase tickets to visit the inside of the edifice. Also, the Changing of Guard Ceremony that takes place at 10:45 am daily is a definite must see.

Buckingham Palace 2007 2.jpg
MisterweissBuckingham Palace 2007 2, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Saint James Park

When in London why not grab some of your favourite patisseries and enjoy a picnic? What better place is there to enjoy a picnic other than Saint James Park? Take a walk by the river and enjoy the serene views of the greenery against the waters.

File:St. James's Park-London.jpg
Yair-haklaiSt. James’s Park-LondonCC BY-SA 3.0

Big Ben

Surely there’s no edifice more magnificent than the Elizabeth Tower which has been nicknamed The Big Ben. In actual fact, Big Ben refers to the bell which has been the biggest bell in London for the past 23 years. Searching for a hotel in Bayswater? Popular hotels like Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel are available for a few nights stay.

File:Big Ben, London.JPG
PilgabBig Ben, LondonCC BY-SA 3.0

Westminster Abbey & Palace

One of the most historically important landmarks of the London, Westminster Abbey is centuries old! In fact, the coronation church can speak of a history that’s nearly 100 years old! The artwork and architecture here are simply jaw-dropping!

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