Maldivian side of life – There is a lot more to the Maldives than tourism

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The archipelago of Maldives is a prosperous nation, it has a lot more to offer than its beaches and tourist destinations. Read on to know about how life in the Maldives is like and maybe after reading this article you could experience it too!

Maldives | Image Credit : User:Charlie youg, Male,maldives- 2013-05-06 22-55, CC BY-SA 3.0

A little bit of history

As the legends have it, Maldives was first inhabited by people as early as 1500BCE and historical evidence state that they were from India and of Aryan origin. Later on, many people started arriving here from Sri Lanka and Persia as well. It has been said that the Persians brought in their religion- Islam to the nation when they arrived here.


Though there are over 1200 islands in the archipelago only 200 of these islands are inhabited. These islands also include the ones which belong to resorts. Apart from the resort islands, the remaining islands house the resident population. The people of the Maldives are regarded as one of the friendliest and hospitable. Most of them know English and you could easily interact with them if you know the common language.


The Maldives is a Muslim nation and most of their culture resembles the traditions and habits of people from the Middle East. Though were are living in a modern era, the people here are a bit conservative. You should also remember to behave appropriately while you are in a populated island in the Maldives. You should dress modestly covering your shoulders and knees, also public displays of affection are habits that are highly frowned upon by people here.

Other things to know

Alcohol is also banned in most of the inhabited islands and you could not bring/keep religious idols, and materials in your possession while you are in the Maldives. Some of these rules don’t apply if you have planned your stay at any of the Villas in Maldives‘ private island or resort properties the likes of Amilla Fushi Maldives but it is recommended that you should speak with your accommodation provider about things you could do here and things you should avoid.

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