Mirissa, the Best Place to Get Salt in your Hair – An Idyllic Beach Paradise

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Mirissa has fast become one of the chicest seaside destinations on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Home to beautiful beaches and more, it’s the ideal place to experience quintessential island living.


Pay a Visit to the Doctor’s House

In a mood for a day party with some very cool surf vibes? Then paying a visit to the Doctor’s House might be best. A mere 15-minute drive out of Mirissa town, it’s a great place to meet new people, throw back a couple of drinks while grooving to live music.

Enjoy a Lounging Session at Secret Beach

A jealously guarded secret, this tiny secluded beach is not the easiest to find. Asking a local tuk-tuk driver to drop you off here is your best bet. Once you get there you will be tempted to do nothing but lounge under the shade of swaying palms while feasting your eyes on endless expanses of aquamarine blue waters.

The Coconut Tree Spot Makes for Some Great Photo- Ops

Immensely popular with travel photographers and Instagrammers, the coconut tree-dotted hill can be found easily through Google maps. It’s also within easy reach of many surrounding Mirissa beach hotels including the likes of Mandara Resort Mirissa.

Go Whale Watching

Whale watching tours are offered by plenty of reputable companies in town. Especially during the time period between late November to early March when blue whales, spinner dolphins, and sea turtles can be spotted in abundance.

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